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Day 3 – Multiplayer

Third day, focusing on multiplayer controls. So, another chair teared apart (recycling, my friend).  We also cut out a plate for the 1Player/2Player buttons, with additional spacing for two more buttons (insert coin buttons).  Everything is working now, just some minor fitments before we can start making it look nice. Stay tuned! (And check out the video!)

2013-11-20 17.36.34 2013-11-20 17.36.53 2013-11-20 18.18.24 2013-11-20 19.07.53 2013-11-20 19.48.28 2013-11-20 20.32.03 2013-11-20 20.38.05



Day 2 – Let the real work begin

Step 1: Pick up JK

Step 2: Planning phase

2013-11-17 12.36.38

Step 3 – Install the screen

2013-11-17 13.00.34


2013-11-17 13.03.25 2013-11-17 13.54.33

Step 4 – Buttons. We need a way to make the buttons interchangeable. So instead of drilling holes to fit them directly into the table, we need a wooden board we can play with. Where do you find a wooden board when every shop is closed? You improvise. Yup, this wooden board is the inside of a chair. Here we are removing the cover and foam used to make it comfortable to sit on. Now I got one useless chair in my living room.

2013-11-17 14.34.16-1

Step 5 – Drilling and fitting time! Thanks to Espen for lending me some tools to make the holes perfect. The lighting is not powered yet, need to find a way to supply 12V from a laptop.

2013-11-17 15.11.47 2013-11-17 16.11.34 2013-11-17 16.35.39 2013-11-17 17.04.34 2013-11-17 17.04.46 2013-11-18 07.31.00

2013-11-18 07.30.48


Step 6 – GAME ON! (Only single player for now. More work in a couple of days)

2013-11-17 17.30.14


First off, we’ll need material we can use to build an arcade machine. This is what I’ve got so far:

- Ikea Björkudden bar table. It’s square shape and 70cm height is perfect!
- Arcade buttons and joysticks for two players. Got a set on eBay, including lighting for the buttons, encoder and cables. All-in-One!
- Benq 24″ monitor. Not old school display, but still good.
- Tools
- A friend. You always need a partner in crime for this kind of work.